Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Rainy Wednesday

Actually it didn't start raining till just before I left work to go into town. In view of the rain, town turned into a flying visit - post office, bank and a new guitar strap, strings and flute cleaning cloth. From then on it got windier and more and more showery. Just before C got home from work I spotted this beautiful rainbow through my skylight, and dashed down the ladder to capture it while the light was still so good. I especially liked the way the sky within the inner bow is still all stormy looking, while beyond the second bow it's a sunny blue sky.

The photo challenge on SCS this week is signs...
 My first photo is C signing "husband" in Irish sign language. It's something I find fascinating to see. Last year in Greece there was an elderly man who used to come down for a swim every day, and I noticed at least three people who could talk to him in sign language. And one day recently when I was on the Luas (tram), there were three people talking in a most animated fashion. One was speaking, one was signing and one was the interpreter. Just a couple of weeks ago a friend was telling me that she had heard of a signing choir, who sign in time with the music. I'd love to see that!

Off to the dentist tomorrow morning. I had to rearrange my work days because C made the appointment last week when he was making one for himself, but he didn't tell me when it was till after I had got my hours for this week. So I switched to work today and be off tomorrow. Mild panic, then, when I got a text reminder from the dentist yesterday saying I had an appointment for this morning. I rang straight away, and was relieved that it is indeed tomorrow.

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  1. My goodness, a double rainbow. How lucky are you! And such a great picture. We had an ice storm last night and the sun didn't show up until around 4 this afternoon. I think that would be an interesting thing to see the signing choir. I am always mesmerized by signing. Good luck at the dentist - not my favorite place at all.