Thursday, 17 February 2011

100% Humidity - help!!

I am trying to get a blanket dry. It's the third time I've washed it; the first time it blew off the line and got dirty. The second time it took too long to dry and got that sour smell. It was doing good yesterday till it got dark. This morning we had dense fog and 100% humidity. If I can't get it dry quickly it's going to have to go to the dry-cleaners! It's too big to fit in the machine, so washing it means doing it by hand in the bath...three times is more than enough.

It was, however, very picturesque in all the mist and fog. It amazed me to notice how much it also intensified all the smells in town. I suppose I can understand it on a scientific level - maybe all the aroma molecules get trapped with the amount of water in the air and don't dissipate as freely as normal. I've just never noticed it before as a side effect of fog, but I know from talking in work that it wasn't just me.

I had read about Upstart a couple of weeks ago. It was certainly refreshing to see some of the posters along Thomas Street this morning, as well as the regular election campaign posters. If you look close you can see the moisture beaded on this one! Shooting into what light there was didn't make for a great photo, but the other side was a poem in Irish - not as interesting to see.

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  1. I meant to comment on this last night - that is a wonderful picture of the bridge. It is kind of surreal with the fog and it looking so much like an eye. I hope you get your blanket to dry.