Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Quick walk...

I was feeling pretty sick yesterday afternoon and all night. However, when today was a beautiful bright, sunny (and very cold!) morning, I thought maybe a quick walk would help clear my head. My brother-in-law is coming for dinner this evening, and as he heads back to Australia this week, it wasn't the sort of date that could be re-scheduled. I've made a  Crème Caramel, always appetising, just got to get it cool in time. The problem was that my walk wasn't as short as it was meant to be - I was nearly back at the car when I realised I'd lost a lens cap. I'd already lost one last time I was in Farmleigh, so this time I tried retracing my steps and was lucky enough to find it before I'd gone too far. I think the problem is if it falls out of my pocket on the grass or the lakeside paths, I just don't hear it fall. I'd also spent quite a while watching the birds on the feeder - I saw blue, coal and great tits, and a chaffinch scavenging underneath.

That witch hazel smelled so sweet. Got to dash, time to get on with the rest of dinner.


  1. Well it sounds like you had an invigorating walk. And the pictorial results are impressive as usual. Such color at this time of the year in that first picture. I've never smelled witchhazel sad to say. And those birds look like they posed for you. Have a wonderful visit and feel better!

  2. Sorry to read you've been under the weather, and I hope you're feeling better by now. Your pictures are so vibrant and beautiful.

  3. hope you are much improved by now! As I am behind my bloggy reading. I can almost image walking along with you...I had a whole flock of robins on my front lawn this morn...not quite sure what they are finding there to nibble on.

    I just love creme caramel...

    Be well, my friend

  4. I'd love to walk with you Sabrina! I'd love to be able to smell the WH too... wonder if it grows here? I'll have to google that!