Friday, 7 January 2011

Creative Collection of Cs

The Splitcoast photo challenge this week was the letter C.
Lots of Cs here...

A china cup from a set I have that used to belong to my grandmother. We didn't often use them, but I certainly remember that from time time an elderly colleague of my dad's, and his wife, used to visit for High Tea, and these were the cups we used for them, along with a silver muffin-warmer which I have and still use from time to time.

This cat with his Cheshire grin is a souvenir from our first camping holiday in Kerry in 1991. Some years later my parents moved there, so their little Kerry cat moved back to his home county.

Church, clock, cupola - this is St.Paul's church on Arran Quay, currently not in use.

Graveyard for Christmas trees before they get chipped and spread as mulch on the green areas around Fingal. I love the smell while they are working at the chipping - they come along with a shredder every morning for a week or so. Our tree is heading there this evening - I took all the decorations off this morning and it's now waiting outside the door.

And two abstracts - Crunchy salt along the paths in work (it's been really cold this week. I had to de-ice the windscreen twice yesterday morning, and we had to de-ice it twice in the evening too, as C sprayed it from from the washer just after we started moving, and the water all froze on the screen instantly), and the Chaos that is my desk, even though I give it a general tidy every single day. Thank goodness C is of the belief that being creative = being messy, so it bothers me more than it does him.


  1. oh, I love your walk through 'C's', Sabrina! The Kerry Cat is delightful with his Cheshire grin and stripes. I especially like the look into your creative space...what wonderful natural lighting with the skylights. And that green is such a pretty hue. I can see how it might make a 'non' messy anxious...but to these eyes, a 'C'ozy, 'Comfy' 'C'rafting spot!

    Hope the first week of the New Year has been warmer for you. Those prayers are continuing to go UP.


  2. You have a wonderful collection of C's. Your China cup is beautiful and the cat is so cute. What great memories they've given you. I smiled ear-to-ear though when I saw your last picture. Chaos is a good word for it and it's almost as chaotic as my stamp room! If you could imagine that. I even showed my husband and asked him if it looked familiar. We both envied the skylights.