Thursday, 13 January 2011

Birds, mostly

I managed to get a moderately OK couple of photos of a coal tit for the C challenge. There was a pair of them at the feeder yesterday.

Although the dunnock (hedge sparrow) isn't nearly as entertaining to watch as the sparrows, I still love to see them in their sober brown plumage.

I liked this front on picture of the robin - he almost looks a bit egg-shaped.

A lovely sky on the way into work this morning...


  1. I thought those leaves in your blog header froze, it's been so cold! I love that picture of the ice crystals. You get such wonderful close-ups of your birds.

  2. lovely photos as always :D We had a robin singing in the tree in our front garden yesterday afternoon, he was SO loud for such a little thing, lovely to hear, reminded me that the dark days will eventually end :)