Monday, 1 April 2013


Well, Easter has been and gone, along with one of the coldest Marches on record.
Not too much chocolate here for Easter - but an eggy surprise when I was doing fried eggs for a bunch and found two double-yolkers. Not much time for fancy photography because I like my yolks runny!

A male siskin has joined the female at the feeders - and his colours are so vibrant. My book says they are the same size as the goldfinches, but this one looks slightly smaller to me. C is still lamenting that he hasn't managed to spot a waxwing anywhere, but the siskin is a good runner-up consolation prize.

The redpolls are also back, although not in as large numbers as a couple of years ago. Hopefully more will be along - they're fun to watch.

And the squirrel is up to his usual acrobatics. When I spotted him using the bracket for holding the water dish to balance on, I moved it further down the pole, but of course that didn't deter him!

I had to put some poison down when I saw a rat under the feeder. While I could do without the squirrel, I'm quite glad that he hasn't gone the same way as the rat(s).

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  1. lovely bird pictures! I saw a goldcrest in our garden the other day, I was amazed that it managed to survive the cold and the magpies round about here.