Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hot off the needles

This is the jacket I knit for little George - the wool was left from one of C's sweaters, and it was great to be able to put it to good use. I enjoyed this because it was all knit in one piece - and sewing things together at the end is my least favourite part of knitting. I did have to learn not just one but two new casting on methods - amazing, after all these years of knitting.

His real present was two books which we had when we were kids, but I also had this altered project which got left out of the Christmas parcel for Waterford.

I spotted one of my orchid irises in bud this morning when I went out to re-pot some bamboo that I had been overwintering indoors, and the nigella is starting to blossom. But it feels cold for May except when the sun is out - I'm still wearing a hat most mornings, and there was one day last week when I'd have been happy to have my gloves, too.


  1. What a sweet jacket. I love the colors. He should be nice and toasty in that! Your altered piece is so cute. There's something about little boys and a love of tractors isn't there! It was one of my son's first words, of course it didn't sound much like tractor when he said it.:)

  2. I think George is a lucky boy. Both because of the sweater AND the books. What cool gifts. The sweater is beautiful.

  3. That's beautiful Sabrina. I haven't knitted since my teens, but I agree with you, putting the pieces together were the worst.
    Luckily my mum didn't mind, so she did it for me. As well as holes for buttons, that scared me, I always thought if if I did it, it would unravel the whole thing :-)

    The G is so cute, I am sure George will be thrilled.