Saturday, 12 November 2011

La Rochelle again...

We walked out to the pleasure marina, which is possible the largest in Europe with 3,300 berths. On the way we passed the maritime museum. C didn't want to go and see it, saying it couldn't possible be as good as the one in Barcelona. I think it's a pity we didn't walk further down the quay, though, as apparently Cousteau's Calypso is moored just beyond the museum ships. There's a municipal bike hire scheme in La Rochelle - you can see some of the bicycles in the second photo.

Porte des Minimes
We walked along to the end of one pier in the marina.

 Quick snaps around the town - not quite sure what the first one is all about!!

Cinema and café in the square where the bus station is.

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  1. The marina looks like it would be a busy one with all those boats. I wonder at the sound of the boats bobbing in the water and the clanking of the ropes and such.

    I love your quick snaps. You always seem to find a bit of whimsy to share.