Friday, 21 August 2015

Brittany 5

Brittany 5 is Vannes part 1, since it was a photo-heavy outing.  We drove into Arradon and got the bus from there to Vannes, which was very quick and saved us having to try to find parking there. It was a somewhat overcast day, even cool at times, so it was quite good for walking around the town.

Castle grounds

Old laundry building, beside the castle

Toy shop - the bubble-blowing bear (below) is in front of it

The next two photos were both part of an exhibition called "Ephemeral Gardens". Hard to get a decent picture of the "green seating", because there was a railing around it, but it was quite fascinating. Sacks, with holes in them and different types of plants growing through, and then slatted seating a bit like a garden bench. It was a shame not to be able to sit on them. The exhibit in the second photo is titled "Scarlet Wave".

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  1. I do say you find the coolest things to photograph. Colorful, textural, and full of interest.