Sunday, 17 June 2018

Paris at night

Previously we've stayed near a metro line which served the Eiffel Tower and visited more than once. This year we hadn't seen it at all except from a distance, so we rectified that on the last night. According to Google Maps we walked about 10 km (7 miles) miles that night - no wonder C was tired afterwards.
We were curious about the onion domes, because we couldn't remember ever having seen them before. They are, in fact, the new Russian Orthodox Cathedral - so in fact we hadn't seen them.


  1. Such beautiful nighttime pictures. You've outdone yourself with these.

  2. Your pictures were fabulous bringing back many good memories! We did go to the top of the Eiiffel Tower! My daughter took pictures of the pigeons.
    We also were able to get tickets to The Barber of Seville the afternoon before the evening performance! And we paid the ticket price! We both really enjoyed it. The D’Orsay was closed or on strike every time I was therešŸ˜¢. My daughter went once with friends and as an Art History minor, she was able to visit the D’Orsay.
    Thanks for thinking of me and making me aware of your blog, Sabrina!

  3. Forgot to mention that I have not seen that Woody Allen movie, and I thought I had seen everything by him! Sometimes on a Sunday a channel will have a day of movies by Clint Eastwood or some other actor....I’ll have
    to keep an eye out if a day of Woody’s movies come on.
    I might try getting it at our local library. Thanks for the info..