Saturday, 30 June 2018

June Favourites...

Not so many, as we were away in Zakynthos for two weeks. Once this heatwave passes, I'll be better able to get on with culling and editing some photos from our holiday. I'll add two at the bottom for now - a basket of pelargoniums in a little alcove in an old monastery wall, and a flight of stairs I spotted in Zakynthos town on our last day.

This month's blog header is a little baby bluetit in the garden last summer. I'm still seeing and hearing plenty of young fledglings in the hedge this week, and am trying to keep the water dish topped up for them.

The wedding card was a commission from a work colleague, with a request for those words, a butterfly, hearts and flowers theme and vintage if possible. The hearts were what I found hardest to work in, and they're pretty so small, so I did add in a pair of intertwined gold hearts on the box envelope as well as a larger butterfly.

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  1. Your cards are beautiful once again. The wedding card is stunning. What a wonderful memory for that family.