Saturday, 10 September 2016

Park History part 1

We are currently experiencing a partial bus-strike; no service last Thursday or Friday, most likely the same next week, and Friday and Saturday the following week. I use the bus to travel to work...the train runs behind our house, so on Thursday morning I took the train to work and walked out from the city centre.

The train service at commuting times is pretty OK - just crowded - but off peak it's not so good, and I knew that the earliest I could get home would be nearly 2.30. So, when we finished work a little early, and the day had improved from the morning drizzle into sunshine and a nice breeze, I decided to walk home. I know that I can get from work all the way through the park to the stop near Castleknock gate in less than an hour. And I normally walk home from the dentist in something like twenty minutes, so already the journey was broken down a bit in my mind, just leaving the bridge between the park gate and the dental surgery.

If Google Maps is to be believed it is a 9 km walk  - just over five miles, and they estimated 1 hour 53 minutes walking. I was aiming for one and a half hours, and in fact made the trip door to door in hour hour twenty-five - which is not bad considering that I took so many photos along the park section that I have to make this in two posts, and since I was only using my phone, I had to unlock the screen every time I stopped for a photo. And several information signs were missing - at least half a dozen.


  1. Those placards are pretty cool. Too bad some of them are missing. I also think that it's lovely that you can walk to places with so much history and beauty.

  2. What a beautiful walk, Sabrina, and you sure have decent sandals. That's important! I love the beautiful gardens and buildings. Thanks for the tour! Hugs!

  3. ooh I had to smile that you wore sandal's and still made the trek home on foot. These are such fun shots to see too