Thursday, 15 September 2016

France - part 8

Our first major outing from Eygalieres was via the abbey at Senanque to Roussillon. The abbey car park was absolutely packed, so we drove back up the hill and parked in a little lay-by overlooking it, and then walked down and took a few photos but didn't actually go in.
They practice crop rotation, so some of the fields were planted with phacelia as a green manure - but their primary harvest is lavender.

The next couple of photos were taken along the road to Roussillon, and at the approach to the town.

This next one was lovely - and yet all it was was the metal frame around a place to leave bins and rubbish.

And a glimpse of the ochre;

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  1. That must have smelled heavenly - certainly the view was beautiful. Snails and butterflies, you got it all.