Thursday, 12 May 2016

Spring Flowers

We were minding my aunt's dog over the weekend and for a couple of work days. Saturday was damp and drizzly to start but turned into a beautiful afternoon and we really enjoyed sitting out in her garden. I'm not sure what the white flower is - I'll have to ask her next time I'm out. The bluebells were just beautiful, too. She has several bird feeders - but this little hen chaffinch ( I think) came right up to the conservatory door several times.

Coming home from work today, I noticed some dead ivy wrapped around a tree - the council workers or a local person must have cut the ivy stem. It intrigued me - it almost looked like dried silk, so I got the camera out of the bag - and then snapped the tulips growing wild. It's an area along boundary walls with quite a few trees, and about 3 or 4 years ago a whole pile of mulched bark chippings were spread thickly over the area. This year it has really greened up beautifully.


  1. I feel like I should know what those white flowers are, but I don't. Love the bluebells! The dried ivy and it's vines looks beautiful. Almost like it was sculpted onto the trunk.

  2. It looks like a wonderful garden to sit in. Love the bluebells!