Thursday, 19 May 2016

Play Time

I had a day off today - and while it's sunnier now, it was a pretty dismal, dark, wet morning. So I decided to have some play time and finally experiment with the Tyvek I bought at the Knitting and Stitching show last November.
When I first researched it, a lot of people mentioned Lumiere paints - which I don't have, so I was totally experimenting. I started by cutting a sheet in quarters (for Americans, the European A4 is similar to letter size).

Two pieces, I gessoed. One of them, I misted with Brusho Acrylic mists and a stencil, but it was the least successful of the three pieces I used today, so no photo.
The second gessoed one, I added Twinkling H2Os. And when that had dried, which took a while, I stamped a flourish stamp in gold and added embossing powder, reckoning that the heating process would melt the powder. Which it did...

For the other two pieces, I used a pearlescent acrylic medium mixed with Perfect Pearls.
I used one piece today - I'll get round to the other one another day. Hopefully I can find my old iron first...our new one is too fancy, and kept pausing because it realised that it wasn't in contact with anything, or else I'd held it horizontal for too long or else I don't know what...

And the two good pieces, I turned into cards. I'm sure I won't waste the failure either, but it might be a while before it gets used up.

I didn't get the beautifully bubbled effects that I'd seen looking at some examples online  - but I still have four sheets left to play with on another rainy day.


  1. How cool is that! I love those cards - so textural and so much interest, especially with that stitching on the last one. My son had a jacket made of tyvek back in the 90's. It was something he got with boxtops or some other redemption from the Olympics that year. I wonder if it's the same stuff. They also use tyvek as a vapor barrier here between the outside wood walls and the finishing material (siding, or shakes). I might have to call up our contractor to see if he's got some scraps.

  2. That tyvek looks like a really fun product to use. I am thinking I might need to find some. I like Lorraine's idea to talk to a contractor.