Wednesday, 13 April 2016


I took a better look at the steeple on the old church/new distillery. It's glass - it's going to be beautiful!

Here's the very squat steeple of the Catholic St. James' church across the road (where you can get your Camino passport). I like the way the glass echoes the colour of the what I presume is copper encrusted with verdigris.

And Spring is on the way - the sweet chestnut inside the gate in work is greening up all of a sudden.

I was trying to take a photo of a couple of grey wagtails, but didn't get the camera out of my bag in time - so all I have is the structure of the bridge.

And some more blue....

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  1. What a view that worker must have had from the glass steeple. And here you are educating me again. Thank you for sharing your worldly knowledge. And thanks for sharing the "blue" - even though the birds took off, I love the architecture of it.