Friday, 22 April 2016


For some reason, I was sure I had started my blog in May. But recently I looked back, and it was 22nd April 2009. So today is my blogiversary - who knew I'd still be going 8 years later.
Yesterday was my birthday - so I took a memory trip back to two years ago when we were in Giverny and I never got round to editing and sharing photos from that day. My sister and aunt got a slideshow of ALL the photos; the overload is why I never got to do anything about them.

Here's a quick pick. It was a lovely day - Easter was late, so the gardens opened to the public a little earlier than usual and we were able to go on our last day in Paris. It changed the whole feel of the trip from just a city break to a holiday, because we got the train to Giverny and then we were right out in the countryside. When we arrived, the gardens were full, because there was a big group from a cruise ship. We walked around the gardens once in the throng, then sat on a bench at the back of the water garden for about half an hour enjoying the peace (and a cuckoo calling in the distance), and then when we walked around the gardens again, they were practically empty.

Now I think I want to make a card with my dogwood die!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Happy Blogiversary too! Those garden pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I just love spring gardens! You've captured one of my two favorite trees too! The pink dogwood. I'm luck to have one right outside the office window and it's just reaching full bloom now.