Thursday, 17 September 2015

Le Teich Ornithological Reserve (2)

Bumblebee and teasel


Part of the land management includes grazing by cattle and, as here, sheep, to keep the undergrowth down

Juvenile Stilt

Still working on a definite ID, maybe a snipe?

Spotted redshank, summer plumage

Another end-of-term outing!

This is another spotted redshank, shot from one of the hides. It's not speeded up at all - it really did almost dance around at high speed just like this!!

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  1. One would think that bumblebee is systematically deflowering the teasel. What a great variety of birds you must have seen. And that's a great capture of that "dance". I don't know if it was that bird that was making the sound that went with the video but it looked like it changed direction to the call of the bird in the background. Pretty cool!