Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Bassin d'Arcachon (2)

Most of these photos were taken around the town. We had been spoiled by superlative bread and croissants in Chambon. Having tried the croissants available from the on-site restaurant in Biganos, and been very underwhelmed by them, I made the effort to walk about 25 minutes to an artisan bakery one morning to see what they had to offer...Equally disappointing; for the rest of our stay we stuck with bread and jam and fruit for our breakfast. But I enjoyed the walk, and it helped me understand a little better how the town was laid out. It's a very low-rise sprawling area, and even with a map we found it easy to get lost.

Beautifully weathered paint, which I got to see just before it was renovated. The town hall had two separate annexes, even though the original main building didn't look that small.

Biganos church

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  1. I love how you find those little artful pieces here and there. And the shadow patterns caught at the perfect time and wonderful.