Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Brittany 2

Yesterday's photos were all from walking (not very far) northward up the coast. All these ones were taken when we walked south towards the town of Arradon. We joined the coast at a little tidal estuary, where there was an old disused water mill. It was hard to get a decent photo of it, as it was built along a wall across the estuary, but that's where the barred window is.
We saw a LOT of egrets on this holiday, and never tired of them.
We didn't tire of the beautiful wheat field either, and of course seeing it under sunshine and blue skies made it even better.

Let him who throws litter on this beach be eaten by crabs

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  1. Let me stop giggling at that sign to comment. How did you ever find the one red poppy in that field? Well maybe there were more, but you sure made that one a star! And the textures of the metal and wood are such beautiful contrasts.