Saturday, 21 February 2015

On The Way To Work...

I still don't know what these "Three Men in a Boat" were doing - by the time I got as far up the river as I had first seen them messing around, they had pulled back into the centre and were starting to head downstream again.

I don't all that often walk on this particular stretch of pavement - and I think when I do there are usually so many real leaves on the ground that I don't ever remember seeing these sort of "fossils" where leaves had obviously fallen onto the wet concrete before. With the green moss growing on them, they were quite intriguing to look at.

I thought this too looked like  leaf - or maybe more of a ferny frond. The old church on James' Street which used to be a lighting shop and has been empty for at least four years has had a sign up for a while with a planning application to turn it into a micro-distillery. They obviously got approval, because the workman are now in. All I can think is that the green is stained glass and whatever has been covering it up till now has got torn away just there.

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  1. Funny how the moss grew on the leaf fossils to make them alive again. And yes, that does look like a ferny frond of stained glass. Great captures.