Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas on the Canal

We went for a walk on Christmas Day morning, to help give us an appetite for dinner after our Pavés à la Canelle for breakfast (Cinnamon Cobbles, I'll try to figure out the recipe well enough to post soon. It's transcribed a long, long time ago from a French magazine, probably Paris-Match, so the measurements are all over the place, some imperial, some metric... ).
 We brought some old stale bread and saw plenty of birds who enjoyed it - apart from the heron who flew off into a tree. It was a surprise to see a wood duck and a pair of mandarins - maybe they had come from the park.


  1. Beautiful duckies. always love to admire your photos!

    Brenda in BC Canada

  2. I can't believe that I did not comment on these beautiful birds. The ducks are soooooo colorful and the heron strikes me as almost being cartoonish like a skinny man in a doorway with high shoulders. I love them all.