Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Young Robin and July Favourites

We've had so much rain over the last couple of weeks, the windows are very dirty indeed. But when I spotted this little robin this morning, I was so entertained - he just has one patch of juvenile plumage left and I thought he almost looks as if he's wearing a necklace. No memory card in the camera, so by the time I'd found the camera and then found my spare memory card (in my handbag, faster than trying to find the "regular" one), he was no longer in the best position either.

Not very many favourite cards for July what with being away and the general summer business. August will more than compensate - after Dare To Get Dirty over on SCS I have plenty of favourites already.

  I know I don't normally post Christmas cards. But I had a lot of fun working out how to make a proper spinning pinwheel  - here's the spin. with a link to the tutorial.

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