Saturday, 12 October 2013

Communal Bathing by the Seaside

I was out visiting my aunt on Thursday, and went for a walk along the seafront. I really enjoyed watching this little flock of starlings having fun bathing in one of the rock pools. In the last photo there's one who looks totally soaked.

Turn your volume down for the video - unless the music got added in (which seems to have failed) all there is is a of wind noise.


  1. Don't you think young starlings are very exotic looking? We've been watching a flock in Dun Laoghaire, and while I've always loved the adults, I didn't realise how gorgeous the young ones are too. They are so tame and come up really close to you so you get a good look at their lovely feathers.

  2. The music came through and was perfect. Your video made me smile. There's something so happy about birds bathing. And I giggled when the one took a drink of the bath water. Silly bird.