Thursday, 10 October 2013

Boardwalk / bird walk

Last Friday I arrived in town somewhat earlier than normal before work. I'd wanted to vote on the way, since I wasn't going to be going home as we headed to Clare at lunchtime. I over-estimated how long all that would take, so I stayed on the bus as far as O'Connell Bridge, and walked back out of town along the boardwalk. It was the first sunny morning after several grey days, and I really enjoyed the walk - and all the gulls on parade (plus a pigeon!). Mostly juvenile gulls, bar one.

I also enjoyed watching some cormorants. There was one on the wall down at Heuston I could have sworn looked dead, if I hadn't seen it move. Maybe I'll get those photos edited and uploaded over the weekend since I have tomorrow off.

1 comment :

  1. How wonderfully placed that first photo is giving a rainbow aura to the tree. And do I detect the faintest of a second rainbow? Spectacular. Those gulls seem to have been modeling for you. I love the variety of their colors and markings.