Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pros and Cons

...of a pro camera.

I took these gull photos on the way to work yesterday morning.

Not waving, not drowning either ~ simply bathing

I know I wouldn't have got such good photos with my Canon point-and-shoot bridge camera.  I have more zoom range, yes, but not quite the same sharpness and clarity and it's definitely slower to focus.
However,  I now have a sore shoulder from the weight of the big camera in my bag all day. The body with a kit telephoto lens weighs in at 1.5kg/3 lb, and then another lens is necessary because sometimes (especially in the city) you don't want a telephoto, you want (I want) a wide-angle. And if I've gone for a pro lens rather than the kit ones - well, each lens is almost as heavy as the body. That's a definite con. The lack of video is a minor one - I know that the more modern DSLRs do offer video, but mine is just too old for that.
Another definite pro is the weather-proofing and rugged construction!
The reason I'm toting all that weight around on a daily basis now and not just on outings to the park is that my little Canon picked up some dust while we were on holidays, and is in for a good clean. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised - some of the time it was just slung over my shoulder while I was on the back of the bike.
The Olympus, on the other hand, while it picked up a certain amount of sand on the outside on our visit to Lake Korission, simply required 5 minutes with a blower brush when we got back to the apartment. Because of the weight around my neck, I was actually carrying it looped over my wrist till I realised how much sand I was kicking up as we walked across the dunes.
Cue photo of C in one of his drama moments. I know he's never read Beau Geste, so his concept of Fort Zinderneuf is based on Snoopy as a Foreign Legionnaire leading his troops through the sand traps!! The hunched shoulders and air of dejection are pure drama; like me, he really enjoys this outing.

He still insists that it's shorter to return to the car-park area via the dunes than back through the juniper groves. Shorter it may be - faster I am not so sure, as it's quite hard work trekking over all the sand, and this rocky outcrop was a rarity. I think perhaps he was deterred by the number of spiders' webs spun between the junipers, which at one stage had me thinking of Mirkwood.

For our trip to Corfu town I just brought the Canon, so here are a couple of  short videos of a group of singers. I'm still not sure what they were doing - they certainly weren't busking, as the lady was giving something out (mostly to the shopkeepers as opposed to tourists) from her little basket. The second video shows an onlooker who borrowed the lead singer's hat and danced along with them - after C had joined him for a duet of O Sole Mio. You can't see him, but there was a very good piano accordionist. It should be possible to click on them to view them full screen, and I hope I've set the sharing permissions correctly this time.

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  1. Amazing photos with the outstretched wings on the gulls. Makes quite a nice theme. Trekking through the sand is very hard work. Especially in dry sand. I always try to find the point where it's not too dry and not too wet. I can't imagine climbing through the dunes.