Saturday, 22 June 2013

Korission Surprise

I know that when I uploaded my first few photos from Lake Korission I said we had had a lovely surprise.
And then life got wedding, family funeral, computer problems, internet problems...
But finally I'm getting time to chip away slowly at editing some more photos.

Our lovely surprise was a whole flock of flamingoes on the lagoon. We certainly hadn't seen them before, even though we'd visited at the same time of year, and neither had another couple we spoke with.
I wished I'd brought my Canon for the extra zoom, but I just had to make do with my medium telephoto for the Olympus - I didn't even bring the longer one on holiday with us. I was grateful at least to have that - the last time we went and were thrilled just to have seen several egrets, all I had was my little pocket Olympus with practically no zoom at all.

We also saw egrets again this time - you can see one in the first of the flamingo photos.
It was our first time seeing red-legged stilts apart from in France two years ago. They're quite small birds, so I really did wish for some extra zoom for them - and for a squacco heron, no shots worth sharing.

The two photos of the swallows were taken in a little café at the top of the road where we turned off to go down to the lagoon. It was delicious coffee, too - we had two cups each, and a long bike-centred conversation with the owner.


  1. Oh Sabrina, what a wonderful surprise. Your photos are great even without the zoom. Hope things settle down for you. Life's been hectic here too. And I thought last summer was crazy!

  2. They are beautiful, aren't they?
    Ithe swallows look s bit different from the ones I remember seeing in Brazil, this ones are more colourful.
    Glad things are settling back for you.