Friday, 3 September 2010

Feeding Frenzy

We take an unscheduled break from Birr to bring you these action photos of the sparrows. I derive a lot of entertainment from watching them, they're such an unruly, scruffy little gang. You'd think they might come to the feeder in smaller groups, but they often arrive in a whole flock of around a dozen or so, and they're not all the same age so I think they might be two or three different broods. One or two fly in, and then a couple more, and then it's a case of the gang's all here. And goodness, do they fight - and make so much noise. There's only room for two on the feeder,  because I don't fill it above the first two hoppers, and then a couple can also go on the peanut feeder - which is why you'd think they'd make solo forays, but they must be a very gregarious bunch. With all the fighting and squabbling it's no wonder I am forever picking up a few feathers each morning when I go out to put some seed. I had to take these through the back door, so they are slightly less sharp than I would like, but it always amazes me what I see in a frozen fraction of a second that I don't see when I am watching with the naked eye.

The little one at the bottom is the youngest, and a smart cookie. He perches there till there's a free space on the perch and then hops in - no fighting and flapping for him!



  1. oh wow, I love those photos, particularly the last two....really wonderful :)

  2. They are amazing little acrobats! Great action pictures.

  3. What an amazing series, I love them, Sabrina! Specially the second last, where one of the birds is upside down.I hope you print and frame that one.