Sunday, 12 September 2010

Butterflies Can Fly Away

And so can we...
This butterfly was on the roof of one of the derelict greenhouses in Birr - I really liked the texture of the painted glass underneath.

A couple of butterfly/dragonfly cards from the MMTPT challenge this week.

By the time this posts we should be in Athens, with time for a bit of sightseeing before we get the bus to where we're staying. I've had two bad dreams about leaving the keys for the apartment here, so they are already safely packed in my handbag along with passports and boarding cards. I just have to remember that if I have another dream tonight.

Do you remember I knit my nephew a little hooded jacket for his birthday. My brother just recently sent me this photo, although from the ones my sister showed me when she was here, he's grown quite a lot since this one was taken.

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  1. Sabrina, that butterfly on the textured glass of the greenhouse is simply gorgeous. What a wonderful photo!!