Friday, 29 May 2009

Hide and Seek in the Mahonia

There are not so many berries on our neighbour's mahonia this year as last. I'm not complaining, they fall on the patio and get walked into the house. But the starlings love them, and last year they spent a whole day picking the tree clean - when the magpies didn't fly past to scare them off. So whereas last year I could have taken a picture of a whole tree full of starlings, this year it was hit and miss. I like this shot, though.
Our friendly little robin was much easier to capture.
What a scorching hot midsummer day we had today, and still only May. Not the day to have decided to make potato bread so that we can have cinnamon and pecan rolls for breakfast tomorrow, and rosemary and Parmesan focaccia for tonight. Think I may have to reconsider the Cornish Pasties for tomorrow - in this heat making good pasty is going to be next to impossible.

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