Sunday, 10 May 2009


At last the winds of the last few days have died down. So I was able to take a picture of these little irises. They are called Pacific or Orchid irises and stand just about a foot tall. I grew them from seed four years ago, so I love it when they come out.
I'd just cleaned the bird feeder and put fresh seed in, so I stuck the zoom lens on the camera and waited a while, and one of our little robins came along -
He sure needs some feeding up. Just look how fat this one in the Botanic Gardens is in comparison! Although I suppose when they are singing, they do puff their chest out much more.


  1. Sabrina your photography is as beautiful as your cards. I love the bird on the feeder. Great job...

  2. haha, I see I'm following another "Dawn"!

    and ditto what she your iris! mine are just starting to bloom, but I don't have any that color...and your little Robin is so pretty! so different from ours.

    yes, that "rodent" is a chipmunk!
    and the paisly print on my card is a cuttlebug embossing folder... you can also iron a pattern onto velvet paper