Sunday, 23 August 2015

Brittany 7

Two evening walks - one the day before we went to Vannes, and one on our last night. I had sent a postcard which included a photo of La Tour Saint Vincent, and we hadn't come across it on any of our walks or drives, so we decided to look for it. It was a lovely walk which took us along the upper edge of the wheatfield and back down to the coast on the other side of the peninsula.
But...we reached a point where the painted waymarks had a low tide option (very short, we could see the tower), and the high tide option which we had to take and which was quite a bit longer.

the tidal mill, seen in evening light (Paluden)

Our last evening walk...

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  1. I love the mosaics but I love your shadow picture more - putting both of you there in the scene but not seen. You must have had so much to take in on your walks. There's so much variety and beauty.