Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Brittany 3

The coast of Brittany is full of peninsulas and inlets, especially where we were, on the Golfe de Morbihan. One evening we drove over to the next headland, Larmor-Baden. Actually only the last photo was taken in the village, the others were at a stop along the way. This was a low-mileage day, after the trip to la Briere; we just went for a drive in the evening.

 The next day was another longer outing, to Quiberon, I'm going to split up the photos from that, since there are quite a few. So, some here, more to follow... I had two cameras that day, so the exposures are slightly different.

The last time we were here was in September a few years ago, on a very misty overcast day. It was lovely to see it in summer mode with blue skies.

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  1. The sand and the sky - what beautiful colors. And the boats and the birds - you've got it all.