Friday, 29 August 2014

August Favourites

With the Dare to Get Dirty challenge on Splitcoast at the start of August, I might have too many favourites for one post - I'll see how much I can narrow it down.
I also have a couple of birds - a juvenile goldfinch, and a cormorant. I have two photos of the cormorant. If you only saw the first one, you'd think I was along the coast or at least in some estuary somewhere. I love that I see these birds right in the middle of the city. According to the distance Google Maps gives me, this is about 6 kilometres drive from the mouth of the river, so taking off a bit for roads, we're talking about 5 k or about 3 miles. I don't think the river is tidal much further up.

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  1. I've only seen cormorants inland here once though there had been many other sitings that year and we're pretty far from the river mouth. They had all the fisheries worried because they were showing up when they stocked the rivers with trout in the spring.

    Sabrina, you just embraced all those DTGD challenges and put together a spectacular gallery of favorites!