Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Cards

January has been so busy! I hope February is going to be a bit quieter. I know the first weekend is busy, but I am telling C that the second weekend is down time, our first weekend this year with nothing scheduled so farr, and it had better stay like that.
I haven't even done my monthly quota of Christmas cards, just two. I'm sneaking one of them in here because I loved how it turned out.

I think we have a definite pair of robins now - I sometimes seem them arrive together on the patio when they hear me open the back door. And now the mornings are a little bit brighter, if it's not a dull overcast day so that it's still dark when I leave, I see them arriving for their breakfast when I go out to shut the back gate.
But Mr. Robin is still no knight in shining armour, the female can open her beak as much as she likes, but he's still not in courtship mode. I hope she's chosen the right mate!!

Sorry for the videos not working last time - I don't know if the default setting got changed somehow...


  1. Each one of these is wonderful. I love the little penguin kings and the heart is gorgeous. It's fascinating to see all the techniques you use and use so well.

  2. I love the cards, specially the cogs and clock one (of course!) and the eiffel tower.