Friday, 1 February 2013

On the Way to Work

It's official - Dublin had the greyest January since 1964, with only 25 hours of sunshine recorded at Casement Aerodrome, and the highest number of rainy days since 1980. No wonder it hasn't been a good month for photographs! Yesterday I got the bus to the shopping centre after work, and I'd been planning to get another one back part way, and then pick up a package from Parcel Motel and walk the rest of the way home. But the skies opened and there was a torrential downpour. By the time the bus came I was very glad I had some cloth and PVC bags in my backpack to transfer the contenst of my rapidly disintegrating paper bags from TK Maxx, Boots and Dunnes into, and I did NOT get off to pick up the parcel. As it was, no sooner did I step off the bus than the rain switched to driving hail, so pretty much everything went into the airing cupboard to dry out.
Today, like yesterday, started out as a sunny morning, hence some photos. Like yesterday, though, it was raining when I got off the bus coming home - but at least nothing like yesterday. The bus driver was almost as glad as I was.

Ombre is one of the trends in card-making at the moment. I know I've posted a similar photo to this one of a pillar of the Frank Sherwin bridge before, but the light caught it beautifully this morning.
Then I saw a contrail lined up almost perfectly with one of the many cranes dotting the Guinness compound just now.

For all the times I have walked up Steeven's Lane and in towards town, I have never before seen the light shining through those two openings. It's got to be part of the row of old Guinness buildings fronting on to James' Street, but I couldn't see them from any other angle. Funny how you sometimes only see things once! Every time I go to the shopping centre now I look at the awning over the entrance where I saw all those starlings once, and I've never even seen one perched there since.

Lastly is John's Lane Church with gulls.


  1. I hope you get more sunny weather soon. January has been a bit dismal and I look forward to more sunshine myself. I love those times when you see something you've never seen before in a familiar place. Lucky you to have had your camera there to grab the pictures.

  2. When it's rain in winter, we always say, "It sure is a good thing this is not snow", and then we all figure how man inches it would be. We have not even gotten much SNOW this winter. Your pictures are wonderful. You are very observant!