Sunday, 26 November 2017

A Cold and Frosty Morning...

Yesterday was a crisp, cold clear morning. I had a long list of things to do, but we took time out for a walk in the park and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A couple of things got pushed on to today, such as the pears with ginger which we were out of stock of, and starting work on a Christmas gift never got started at all - but it was still worth taking the time to enjoy the scenery.


  1. Isn't it wonderful when those diversions pay off. I bet you felt great when you were out and about. Finding a little time to get grounded with nature is a great opportunity to lift your spirits - to get ready for the jobs that are waiting for us.

  2. It is always great to take a walk and look around. That frost makes me almost feel the cold. We are having unusually warm weather this fall (80 degrees today) . . . I am hoping it cools down some before Christmas.