Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Inspired by...

I am currently re-reading all my Margery Allingham books, and when I read the opening paragraph of The Tiger in The Smoke, I knew straight away that I wanted to make a card based on it.

The paragraph is describing London (probably in the 1920s as it's a post-war setting) in a fog: The fog was like a saffron blanket soaked in ice-water. It had hung over London all day and at last was beginning to descend. The sky was yellow as a duster and the rest was a granular black, overprinted in grey, and lightened by occasional slivers of bright fish colour as a policeman turned in his wet cape.

I had bought the Stampers Anonymous Cityscape stamps with a birthday gift - mostly, it has to be said, for the Paris one. But the London one was perfect for this, even though it has a distinctly more modern feel to it with the Gherkin and the London Eye.

The background is a combination of sponging distress inks for that "duster" yellow, and grey Brusho powders.  Two photos, because I used splashes of pewter Twinkling H2Os for the slivers of fish colour, and trying to capture both the shine from that and the embossed cityscape was a challenging task.


  1. I am really wow'd by this. Reading the passage I see it definitely describes what I see on your card. I just recently watched the series "The Crown" on Netflix and remember the episode about the fog that descended on London in the early 50's actually causing many deaths and days of darkness and how Churchill reacted/didn't react. I'd not heard of that before. As dangerous as this fog could be, you've also given it beauty.

  2. Oh, Sabrina, this is so beautiful and yet what a reminder of the awful fog the descended I'd never heard of before. We've definitely wanted to watch "The Crown" and hope to learn more. But what a stunning scene you've created, and I love the colors and your especially beautiful border. I love it, sweet friend! Have a blessed week! Hugs! xoxo