Tuesday, 11 April 2017

St Catherine's Park

A few more photos from our walk in the park last Saturday.

This is a type of toothwort - the greenery is all natural vegetation, mostly wood anemones. The tall pink spikes are the flowers of the toothwort which is a subterranean parasite on the roots of trees, as it has no chlorophyll of its own.

This is taken from a high woodland path, looking down onto the river Liffey as it flows below. 

And a card featuring a lovely steampunk feather stamp from Art Neko. I applied ink to the base with a couple of distress ink pads, and then collaged on a few antique timepiece images from a collage sheet from B-Muse, then stamped and coloured the feather.


  1. Your photos are always wonderful!

  2. I love seeing all the flowers of spring. Some of the blooms are so short-lived giving way to just greenery. Makes a walk, or in our case a bike ride along the river yesterday, well worth it. Love the card too.