Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Spring is on the way...

We've had a sudden snap of cold weather again, but it's lovely to see the days lengthening already. When I left for work yesterday morning there was a rainbow - even though that meant it was raining, it was just so lovely to realise that although I'd left half an hour earlier than normal, it was still bright enough to be able to see and enjoy the rainbow.

I pass a coffee shop along the quays from time to time, and have always noticed this sign outside. Yesterday I had time to stop and take a photo...

I've been suggesting to C that we could get an Aeropress for making coffee when we go camping this year, but he says he likes our old-fashioned stove-top pot like the one in the sign. 

Since my framed winter sampler was very Christmassy rather than just winter, it felt like time to switch it out, so last weekend I created a Spring sampler with my favourite spring colours. Thanks for the forsythia, Lorraine, it was great!

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  1. Your header is so springy and the purple flowers are perfect for February. You're right about it being good to have longer days again. I love the sampler. I might have to give one of those a try myself.