Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Miscellany

It feels as I just stepped right back onto a merry go round after the Christmas break, and I still haven't even edited photos from our December Paris trip.  I wish it's something I could do while travelling down to Cork!

A few photos - the first one I took on the 2nd of January meaning to upload it as a New Year photo. They are always very prompt in changing the date over the main gate at Guinness.

It's been a very, very grey month mostly. The photo of Heuston was taking one of the mornings when I was availing of Irish Rail's seat sale to travel by train instead of bus. I know I have plenty of photos of the facade, but I've never seen it lit up in the Irish colours before.

It was also very, very murky when I spotted a grey wagtail on the mudflats the other morning. I had to up the ISO a lot to get the photos, but it's always a welcome splash of colour to spot one of these.

I spotted this little dwarf goat (actually there were two of them) walking home from the shopping centre one day. He had a wonderful thick coat, I wish I could have patted him. He was quite small, I don't think he'd have been even a metre high including his horns.

With all the grey gloominess I felt in need of a little floral  summery lightness, so I made this card for the Art Neko blog, full details in the link. There are some lovely floral images in a set of 9 ATC-sized stamps, and I'm looking forward to making time to stamp and colour some more of them.


  1. The building lit up with your Irish colors looks so pretty. I love, love, love the the pictures of the grey wagtail. It's like you spotlighted it amongst all the grey - it just pops! And your card is beautiful. Everything from the background to the little butterflies is just perfect.

  2. I love the color in these photos . . . the lights and in the grey wagtail. Beautiful!