Wednesday, 7 December 2016

On the way to work...

Me, myself, I.

One day last week - when we had glorious bright sunshine and blue skies, I happened to cross the road a few meters earlier than I normally do, and was surprised to see a triple shadow of myself.
Looking around, it can only have been the strength of the light reflecting from the apartment block across the road, but it was certainly unusual to see.

By Friday, when I had decided to walk home from work because I had a dental appointment at 2, it was already starting to get more cloudy and overcast. This week has been very dreary and dull - it's felt as if there was no daylight for taking photos of cards today or yesterday. But on Monday I noticed this splash of blue lobelia.


  1. I love shadow photos . . . triple shadow - how fun. Happy that those little blue flowers made up for some of the dreariness.

  2. Your shadow picture reminded me of one I tried taking in my eye doctor's office last month. I was sitting there, waiting for him to come back in after my eyes had been dilated and saw this shadow on the wall from a wire that went floor to ceiling. It looked cool at the time (maybe because my eyes were dilated!), but the picture I took didn't make it look half as interesting as yours. What a great capture. And finding blue flowers anytime would certainly make my day, but on a gray day - wow!