Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October Favourites...

I had to go back to November 2014 to find a header photo for this month. Not much happened last November in terms of photos, apart from a visit to St. Catherine's Park...so we have a mandarin drake in Phoenix Park.

And a few favourite cards...meet Printy the Snowman. And I love the bottom snowman. He is from Art Neko, but he's not one of my design team stamps, I loved him so much that I bought him myself, so that I could use him as much as I liked with stamps from other companies. With his pail full of stars, he reminded me straight away of the chapter in Mary Poppins when Mary and Mrs Corry take the gold paper stars that the children saves from their gingerbread and pasted them into the sky.

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  1. I was thinking "did she make tiny origami bats?" which I know you probably could, but then I checked out your gallery for the deets and wow!, grosgrain ribbon and french knots! What a clever idea. And they, along with the card are so cute. I love them all really, and I'm drawn to the leaf card with the complimentary colors and the tiny bits of sparkle. You seem to know no bounds with your creativity. Happy November to you!