Saturday, 15 October 2016

It's that time of year again...

and mushrooms and toadstools are springing up all over the place. C and I spotted these when we were walking to our respective bus and train the other morning.

And it has most certainly been this sort of weather this week! Unfortunately I wasn't always as well prepared for it as this; there was one morning I thought I was going to have stay on the bus for a few extra stops past where I normally get off - but thankfully by the time it got to me regular stop, the rain had eased enough that I thought I'd manage with no umbrella and very much the wrong shoes.


  1. I dont' know, maybe it's all the talk about fairy gardens and such, but mushrooms and toadstools just seem so magical. One day they're not there and the next they are and vice versa. How I love those ducky boots!

  2. I think they seem magical also. We had a "fairy ring" of mushrooms pop on our school playground a couple of times . . . I keep hoping it comes back.