Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Photo Prompts finished

The last of my photos taken for Clare's prompts. 

Neon: hi-vis jackets are mandatory in work. If you forget yours and are lucky, the security guards at the gates have a few. For the purposes of this photo, it was lucky that they did on Thursday. Sometimes they're all out of them - and then you have to contact someone already in the building and ask them to come out with one for you. I took this with my phone and had forgotten that I'd turned the screen contrast way down, so they are super-bright neon. I meant to also take a photo of a pen I bought for C at the Eiffel Tower, it's one of those ones with a light that changes colour and they are neon hues...but I didn't have time.

I didn't have time because we were away for the weekend.
Friday's prompt was inspiration, and as we were travelling I didn't manage to find anything.
Saturday was "Once Upon a Time", and Sunday was "self, so I have sort of combined them.
I was hoping to find a castle that would make a good "once upon a time"picture, but didn't manage that. Instead, here is the archway over a door of a building we walked past in Auvernier.
And me sitting on an old stone bench in front of the church in Neuchatel. If it comes to it - I guess reflections always inspire me, a late double entry for that prompt.

The sign reads something like this: the donjon (keep, inner tower) terrace looks down over a ditch which was dug before the year 1000, to strengthen the defences of the town. The two stone benches date from the 18th century, and were visited by Balzac and Madame Hanska on the occasion of their meeting in Neuchatel in 1833. At that time they were situated on le CrĂȘt, a small hill situated at the end of the Grande Promenade beside the lake.


  1. Wish I could get away for a weekend with such wonders. You look very relaxed on that bench. And I do like how you strung the prompts together.

  2. Thank you for participating in my photo challenge. I so enjoyed your pictures. I love the picture of you on the bench. I sort of stopped short for a moment when you mentioned that you had hoped to take pictures of a castle for the "once upon a time" prompt . . . I would love to have the option of going to see an actual castle. :)
    Have a wonderful day!