Saturday, 23 January 2016

Photo Prompts week #3

Photo Prompts from Clare's blog: January Photo Challenge

Sunday was "unusual". I admit I took this one later in the week, but it was something I had spotted on the way to work and ear-marked for a photo - but obviously I wasn't in work on Sunday and couldn't take it on the day.
 James Joyce is (not alive and well) in James Joyce House on Usher's Island. I often walk past and I am quite positive I've never seen this head in the window before. Two photos - one with reflections across the street, and one when I waited for a bus to provide a shadow.

Monday - Reaching up/out. I thought of stuff like cranes, but got lucky with a cherry-picker in work.

Tuesday - favourite photo of you. Hmmm, There isn't one, really. Pass.  Though I actually am very happy with my Blogger profile photo, self-portrait a few years ago. And because I was thinking of using dressing up as a childhood memory, here's an OLD photo I still like - me in my favourite dressing-up clown suit (I liked that more than all the lovely evening dresses that were in the trunk), cycling around the garden with my teddybear.

Wednesday - old. I've made a separate post for that, it's HERE.

Thursday - childhood memory.
I can't remember what year this was, I was probably about 7 or 8. I can remember my Dad sitting down on my bed and asking me if I preferred emeralds or rubies. Rubies, I was sure - I've always liked them, and when I lost the original stone from my engagement ring, I replaced it with a lovely garnet. So he asked was I sure, did I not think I'd like emeralds. I was sure - and for Christmas I got this crown with a "ruby" as the centrepiece. I found out afterwards that he had had a green stone, but replaced it when I was so certain I preferred rubies. It's made out of thick aluminium, so it's got a little scratched over the years but it wasn't too heavy to wear.

Friday - snack. I'm not a big snacker. Savoury is better than sweet, but these mangos are a standby; when we are travelling, I always have a pack or two. They're the best ones I've ever found.

Saturday - technology. Well, there is low-tech and high-tech and everything in between. We're fairly techie, I've built two of my computers from scratch and tinkered with all except the last two. Not having a television, we were VERY early adopters of DVD drives when they became available, because at last we could watch films at home. Our first computer didn't even have a CD drive; when we bought Corel-Draw we had no way of installing a lot of the optional extras which were on disc. But my brother, at the time doing a computer science degree, jury-rigged a custom cable which let us transfer everything from his computer, via the serial port. And I read that serial ports are just about dead, these days.
This is my travel card. I remember the old tickets from the days buses actually had conductors; purple print on a thermal-type paper like fax paper. And our ten-journey tickets for the train were thin card, and each time you put it in the machine, it punched a tab out. I love my Leap card - it has a 30-day travel pass for the bus, and credit which can be used on the tram or train. Best of all, if I lose it and notify them straight away, I don't lose any of the "money" stored on it. We had a discussion in work one day on the advantages of registering your Leap card - and that very day, someone lost hers and discovered, on checking, that although she had no recollection of registering it, she must have done so at some time because she was able to claim a refund for it. When I leave the house in the morning, the things I check are my work ID, a hi-vis jacket (mandatory in work), keys, phone and my Leap card.


  1. If that face had not been there before . . . that would be unusual to see. I love your childhood memory of your father . . . and the picture when you were small. I almost didn't put the "favorite picture of you" in my prompt - because I tend to not like pictures of myself, but then decided that was a good reason for me to let that go and force myself to post a picture of me :) So glad you joined this challenge. I am really enjoying your blog.

  2. I was almost thinking that that face was a little ghost-like. The first picture makes it appear to be only in the glass. Then with the bus shadow I can see it's actually something behind the window. A very unusual optical illusion. I see that you went in a similar way with the cherry-picker - love it. I feel the same way as you about pictures of myself, but I love the one you found and the memory that you shared.