Friday, 27 June 2014

Paris Day 5 ~ Part 1

Monday was my birthday. We decided not to go to Giverny this day, not being sure what the transport would be like on Easter Monday. On the other hand, a lot of places that would normally be open were closed, including one of the museums still on my wishlist.
So we took an easy day...a leisurely morning, and then we got the metro over to Parc Monceau, always a favourite (apart from all the joggers!). It's full of odd follies and memorials. There's a plaque commemorating the first jump with a silk parachute, too.


Here, for your safety, this area is inaccessible to the public.
Dangerous Tree
This tree is diseased, a lignin/wood-eating fungus has developed in its wood and roots,
causing it to become fragile and dangerous.

There is a children's playground, and pony rides - and a very boy-themed carousel. I really liked that submarine with shades of Ten Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day! So many interesting things to see. Lucky you to celebrate your birthday there.