Thursday, 15 May 2014

Paris Day 3 ~ Part 2

Surprisingly, the Place des Vosges was somewhere we'd never been before - and a warm sunny day was perfect for taking it in.

This little piece of art was on a wall along Rue de Birague,
after leaving the Place des Vosges

This old clock dates back to 1640, but has been incorporated into the facade of a modern apartment block.
Next along the street is the doorway of an old house, Hôtel  Raoul, which was built in 1810 and demolished in 1961. All that remains is the old doorway - behind it is another modern apartment block.

We passed a shop specialising in mirrors (possibly even bathroom mirrors) - which made for some wonderful reflections, of which these are just a couple.

Then we crossed the Seine over the Pont de Sully - views from there. We don't often end up looking up towards the back of Notre-Dame, I liked that aspect.

Pont de la Tournelle

And since that is more than enough photos for one post, it looks as if Day 3 also is going to run to a Part 3!


  1. Love the birds on the lamp post. One can tell that's a favorite place they like to perch. How many people would walk past those mirrors and never notice the reflections?

  2. And I wanted to add that I love that they saved the doorframe and those beautiful doors. There's a story there somewhere I think.