Thursday, 12 December 2013

Last Leaf

The last leaf on the Spanish (Sweet) Chestnut tree in work. It's gone, now. There was a great harvest this year - large (relatively speaking) and sweet.

The second photo is leaves on the river wall one morning this week. The high winds have brought all the leaves down and there were streams of them floating along the river for a couple of days. At low tide I spotted these ones sticking to the wall.

And the wood duck is still hanging out in Phoenix Park.

The header photo is a long-tailed tit from last December. The mild weather means far fewer birds in the garden so far - plenty of goldfinches and a regular pair of robins, but nothing like the number we had this time last year.

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  1. I love reading your descriptions. My husband and I were on a bus tour in May/June 2012. Part of it was in Dublin. When you mentioned Phoenix Park, my memory perked up and I recalled our ride through. Not enough time to walk about though.