Tuesday, 5 November 2013

October cards and Houdini Heron

I need to bring my Olympus in to work for a few mornings. In all the years I've been walking down past Heuston, it's the first time I've seen a heron with a habit of perching up on the wall along with the gulls and cormorants. Seven cormorants this morning, I think that's an all-time record for me.
The heron shots were actually taken last week.

Quite a few favourite cards for October - my most productive month this year.


  1. That is quite a Houdini heron. What a contortionist, he makes it look so easy. I am so glad you post your favourite cards. It makes me go and see all of what you've been creating and I am always blown away.

  2. That heron is such a poser! I try to capture elusive activities out of doors as you do. Love the leaves.

    I appreciate they way you share your cardmaking. It's like a mini festival of creativity.

  3. I love all these cards - my favourites are the bear and the stamped flowers ones :-) But they're all very nice!